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A Reflection on Friendship – Sania at the Craft Studio

Sania Ahmed

Sania Ahmed

I like everything about working at the Craft Studio. I really like working with the clay because I like making things with my hands. I used to make things with my hands in high school in Scarborough. I made Christmas stuff, a black cat with a big mould. I put it in the kiln and glazed it black. Before I came to the Craft Studio, I went to Crossroads, then Step by Step, then I landed here. I work at the Craft Studio two days a week. The other three days I go to school called Academy of Learning. There I do computer things and spend time on the internet. Sometimes I tell stories to my friends at school about working in the Craft Studio. Mostly I’m quiet. I put my nose in my studies.

Since I was a kid growing up, I had lots of friends. I have a best friend. Her name is Atusa. I have a childhood friend named Stefa. They are still my good friends even though they live far away now. It’s hard not to see my best friends. I usually talk on the phone with them.

Since I came to the Craft Studio I have made lots of new friends like Amanda. I knew Debbie from the Red House before and we became good friends. She is really nice. When I wake up in the morning, I get excited about coming here to the Craft Studio while I make my bed. I like coming to work. My mom drops me off and picks me up. Sometimes I tell my mom about my days at work.

Ever since I came to the Craft Studio, I am making lots of experiences – with my hands, making candles, making pottery, making cards. Some of my new friends – like Susan – have taught me these things. I enjoy working with all the people here.

I like to draw butterflies and flowers on the cards. Sometimes I like stamping the cards. Since I came here I learned to draw lots of things. Sometimes I watch people pick out the art I made and I tell them what I made lately. They usually ask me about how many days I come.

My favourite time in the Craft Studio is the afternoon because that’s when I get paid! This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a paycheck. I usually save my money and go shopping at the mall. I want to save up and take a trip. I would like to go to England or Pakistan. I’ve been to Pakistan before. My grandmother is sick there, but my relatives care for her. I like break time too. I like reading magazines at break time.

Sometimes I give my crafts to my family. I’ve given my sister two candles and a small tray. She bought my cards and she loved them. She came to the open house last year. I gave her a discount!

Right now I’m making tiles for the Big House. I like working with Namju, Tom, and Amanda in the clay room. They are good artists.

I learned lots of people’s names easily – like Lollo, Sam, Tanya – I like that name! I kept getting Warren and Chris mixed up. Warren has the camera and Chris has the guitar. I’m glad I started working here. I want to keep working here and keep seeing the new friends I met.

~ Sania Ahmed, March 2012. Sania lives at home with her family and works at the Craft Studio 2 days a week.