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Our Identity Statement

We are people, with and without developmental disabilities, sharing life in communities belonging to an international federation. Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our journey together. We celebrate the unique value of every person and recognize our need of one another.

Our Mission

  • Make known the gifts of people with developmental disabilities, revealed through mutually transforming relationships.
  • Foster an environment in community that responds to the changing needs of our members, while being faithful to the core values.
  • Engage in our diverse cultures, working together toward a more human society.

Our Vision

  • Mutual care, respect and compassion between people with and without developmental disabilities;
  • Living together the daily life, with its joys and sorrows;
  • Living, working, learning and celebrating together in communities of belonging;
  • Transform our lives by embracing our gifts and imperfections;
  • Recognize that we need each other and that we live better together than alone;
  • A model of inclusion, a path to peace and a sign of hope for our world.

“Life in L’Arche is simple: we welcome four or five people with disabilities to live with four or five assistants. Together we create homes of welcome and celebration, sharing the daily tasks of cooking, cleaning, and shopping: and the assistants help marginalized people to claim dignity, self-confidence, and respect in the home and in meaningful work opportunities. The great discovery for assistants has been that our lives in community have been good not only for them but also for us.”

~ Sue Mosteller, member of L’Arche Daybreak