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Our Programs

Working opportunities for individuals at Daybreak remain responsive, flexible, and strive to help each person realize their desire and potential to engage in satisfying work. The strength of Daybreak’s work programs comes from the underlying vision that everyone has a unique capacity to positively impact those with whom they are in relationship.


L’Arche Daybreak is a vibrant example of how people of different intellectual abilities, social origin, religion and culture can live, work and learn together.

Kevin at the drumming circle

Virtual Afternoon Programs


Come and join us virtually for our weekly activities over Zoom, where there is something new for you each day. You can enjoy various activities such as laughter, yoga, gentle exercise, drumming, music with Mary, scavenger hunt, and dancercise.

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L’Arche Daybreak includes several onsite programs that are dynamic places of work, recreation and creativity: The Club, The Craft Studio, The Day Program, The Spirit Movers dance troupe and The Woodery woodworking shop.

The Club

The Club


The Club is a vibrant day program where adults of all ages and abilities find friendships, and develop and share their gifts.

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Tom enjoying the Craft Studio products

The Craft Studio


Craft Studio artists create beautiful pieces of one-of-a-kind candles, pottery and handmade paper.

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The Day Program


The Day Program provides individual support for participants with multiple needs within a group setting.

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The Spirit Movers


The mission of the Spirit Movers dance troupe is to celebrate the sacred through dance. The Spirit Movers gather one day a week to develop, rehearse, and expand their dance repertoire.

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The Woodery


The Woodery is Daybreak’s wood working program, providing meaningful, positive and productive work in a professional setting. The Woodery manufactures products for many different industries.

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