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Daybreak’s Friends of God: Lauren and Raechel

~ by Lauren Nagler, 2011

Rachel and Rachel in North Bay, July 2011

Rachael and Lauren in North Bay, July 2011

In June I started working at the Craft Studio. I was very excited by all the new people I was going to work with and all the new things I was going to learn, however I was a bit worried about how it would affect my relationships in the house. Although I would continue to live at New House I would no longer be part of the intimate details of daily life and would not have the same amount of time together with people that I had for the past few years.

One thing I did not expect was a deepening and strengthening of my friendship with Raechel. I began to realize this when we went away together on holidays at the beginning of July. We went to North Bay with Debbie and Hannah from the Red House, and had five days of pure fun. We got up early and went to bed late. We went for walks on the pier and a cruise on Lake Nippissing, visited Science North and a honey farm, went to the movies and ate at least one thing that wasn’t good for us every day. I was impressed at the ease of our days and so happy we’d been able to have such a great vacation together.

Rachael and I have lived together for almost two and a half years. We’ve had our ups and downs, and challenged each other in many ways. We both like to get our own way, for one, and get mighty frustrated when we don’t. And we both have a habit of making other people wait, but don’t like to wait for anyone else. However, we’ve also learned a lot from each other, like patience, understanding, and that relationships require give and take.

During our trip to North Bay I recognized that as we’d walked together over the previous two years we’d come to know each other very well. I realized that while the stresses and intensity of everyday living often got in the way of really seeing each other and having time to just have fun, I’d gained a very good friend along the way.

Since our vacation, when Rachael and I have gone out for coffee or to the movies together I’ve been grateful that in the place that I had felt fear for how my change in roles would change my relationships, grew greater trust and a more honest relationship with Rachel. I look forward to sharing many adventures, laughs (and occasional tears), stories, ideas, dreams (and fears), fun times (and some hard ones) with Rachael over the coming years as we continue to learn and grow together.