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Holocost Education Week

Please join us for the film: The Glass House

Monday November 7, 2011 7:30 p.m.

L’Arche Daybreak,
Dayspring Chapel
11339 Yonge St.
Richmond Hill

Sponsored by Richmond Hill United Church & L’Arche Daybreak
* Driving and Parking Directions for HEW at L’Arche Daybreak *
The L’Arche Daybreak property is on the SE corner of Yonge Street and Devonsleigh Blvd which is the 4th light north of Yonge and Elgin Mills. Our driveway is just before (south) of the light. Due to construction on our property, we have limited parking on our property, but ample parking is available at the Coptic Orthodox Church (large domed church) on the west side of Yonge Street. Please walk to the light to cross Yonge Street as it is very busy and it will be dark.
Those who need handicapped accessible parking can park in the Daybreak lot, or can be dropped off at the chapel.
Look on this website under contact us to locate the Dayspring Chapel. It is easy to find – Look for the bell tower.