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“I Didn’t Know I was an Artist”

Helen Schlichter never saw herself as an artist, yet she has blossomed into one!


Helen joined L’Arche Daybreak in 2001. She had lived at home with her father in Newmarket and now lives at Daybreak’s Green House.


Helen tried her hand at several different daytime activities and spent several years at the Craft Studio as a full-time artisan. Her work as an artist was thoughtful and beautiful, exploring colourful themes of cats and flowers.


One day Helen exclaimed, “I didn’t know I was an artist,” as if surprised by her own talent. As a mature artist with a keen sense of humour and clear desire for growth, Helen inspires many people. Helen is very modest, yet she is also determined to do a good job. She often says, “I think I’m doing better.”


Today, Helen spends her days at The Club continuing with arts and crafts on some days, and on other creating music, cooking and bonding with others. The message she has is strong: that whatever our stage of life, there are always new ways to grow and learn.