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Justin Colford reflects on his job at the Woodery

February 29, 2012

Justin Colford

Justin Colford

I really love coming to work here. Last year was my fifth year of coming here. My favourite thing about working in the Woodery is working with all the machines. I learned a little about the machines when I came here. I learned a lot here. I have a favourite machine – with the saw and pushing it down and throwing out the scrap pieces in the garbage. Sometimes I work with all the machines – one is called the press. It makes wheels. We send them off to the schools. That’s very very exciting.

I really like movies too! On Monday morning I like to go to movie acting. When I went to high school I did plays. I like Anna in the acting group.

I learned a lot here. I learned to be very very careful with the machines. Before I came here I worked with machines at Cardinal Carter – at the wood shop. I still keep in touch with my high school friends on the telephone. I haven’t spoken to them in a long long time because I’m so busy.

I was really really busy today. Today I worked with Hugo.

I’m glad I started working here. Every couple of weeks I get a paycheque. I got a paycheque before at Bright Ideas. I worked at a place called Foundations in Newmarket. Then I worked at Rogers in Aurora. I bought my lunch at Pizza Pizza! I go put the money I earn in the bank. I use it to go to camp in the summer.At camp I go swimming, I go down the slip and slide, I go for walks. I like the summer. In the winter time I worry about balance.

I remember making friends here. I made friends with Betty, Ellen, Michael and everybody here – Jim and Venus and Masca. I made friends with a lot of people here – with Debbie and Michael and everybody.

My favourite part of the day is the morning time. It’s when I work really hard. I like getting here and starting my day. I’m very excited about coming to work.

I’ve made friends outside of the Woodery. Like Kerry. She was my best buddy. And Gino. They are my friends from high school.

I come here every day but Fridays. Then I rest and relax. That’s very important! On the weekends I like to take it easy.

I have a lot of friends all over the place. I’m a lucky guy to have all those friends – to have Gordy and Darryl and Brian. I like to be all excited when I think about all the friends I got.

This story was recorded and transcribed for the L’Arche Daybreak 2012 Lenten reflection book “New Hearts New Friends.”