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Justin – Finding a Place to Belong

In this picture, Justin Colford has just received his L'Arche Daybreak membership certificate and a celebratory rose.

Justin Colford was recently welcomed as an Orientation Member to Daybreak. In this picture, he has just received his L’Arche Daybreak membership certificate and a celebratory rose. Justin is glowing in the spirit of belonging.

Justin works in the Woodery four days a week, and he looks just as delighted as this every day. He runs wooden planks through the table saw, cutting them into the various lengths needed for different products. He has learned how to put a sharp tip on wooden stakes using a special machine that works like a giant pencil sharpener. Justin works carefully and he takes real joy in doing a good job. He hangs his coat on a hook that is marked with his name and picture. He has a place at the table for break time and lunch. Justin is known and appreciated. He has a place to belong.


DONATE-BUTTON-Christmas-2015At Daybreak, our mission continues to expand as we welcome more people to a place where they can belong. Every year during this season of giving, we invite our friends and supporters like you to make a financial contribution to our mission: to reveal the unique and sacred gift of each person, and in so doing, to build a more compassionate society. Your gift will enable our mission to grow and flourish. Thank you for your care and support.

Many blessings to you and those dear to you from all of us at L’Arche Daybreak!