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L’Arche Exhibit at the Kelly Library

FB Website Promo-2L’Arche Daybreak and the Kelly Library (St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto) have collaborated to create a striking display of six large panels, unveiled at a celebration on October 22nd at the library.

The panels depict the 50-year history of L’Arche from its founding to the establishment of the first L’Arche community in Canada, and its growth. Today, it consists of two large separate communities—Daybreak, the original community in Richmond Hill, and L’Arche Toronto, which grew out of Daybreak. Items from the L’Arche Daybreak fonds, arts and crafts from the Craft Studio, and photographs from the 1960s to today will also be on display.

The Exhibit will be on display until early January 2015 and can be visited whenever the library is open.The panels will travel to various schools after several weeks at the Library. (The Kelly Library also houses the archives of Henri Nouwen and Jean Vanier.)

For more about the Kelly Library, please visit their website at: