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Mindful Moments at L’Arche Daybreak

Photo of Barbara Steve Jason and LIz

Barbara, Steve, Jason and Liz are a part of the mindfulness group that meets at the Big House office.

Every Monday and Thursday before heading back to afternoon activities a “Mindfulness Group” meets for 15 minutes at the Big House. Jason Clinker, a member of the Craft Studio and Woodery loves coming and has started to lead some of the sessions. He reflected on what mindfulness means to him.


Everyday I come to Daybreak with a smile on my face. I want my friends at Daybreak to have a peaceful day at their jobs.

When I look around the room during meditation I see peace on the faces of people who come. I choose to attend for quiet time.

I have started to help by welcoming everyone along with Steve K. who assists with the meditation. We take turns. Some of my friends help by ringing the bell at the beginning and end.

Meditation brings out happy thoughts for me of my late grandfather. This gives me peace.

Jason Clinker, member of L’Arche Daybreak


Photo of Mindfulness Group at Daybreak

Members of the Woodery and Big House preparing to spend 15 minutes of mindfulness together.

Photo of Barbara blowing out the candles

Barbara blowing out the candles.