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New People Bring New Energy and New Life

img_4339Thelus George and Mary Anne Larcina are the two women in this lovely picture. Thelus, who died in October at the age of 90, had been a member of Daybreak for 42 years. Mary Anne lives at Brookwood House where Thelus had been a founding member, and where she remained closely connected until the very end.

Mary Anne and Thelus had never lived together, but they formed a friendship of great tenderness. Thelus was a good cook and she had taken great pride in the many meals she prepared during her four decades at Daybreak. As she became increasingly frail, she generously and graciously found ways to pass on her wisdom and experience to the next generation. One day, during a visit from Mary Anne, Thelus handed her a wrinkled piece of paper. “Mary Anne, I want you to have my recipe for meatloaf.” Mary Anne accepted the gift with joy, knowing how much it had meant to Thelus.

In October, at the opening of our Kelly Library Exhibit marking the 50th anniversary, Sue Mosteller talked about “The Seeds of L’Arche.” One of the people she talked about was Thelus. If you’d like to watch Sue’s talk click here.


L’Arche Daybreak is thriving today, and this year we have been thrilled to welcome eleven new people to participate in our programs of work, recreation and creativity.


A few new faces and a few "old" faces in our programs

A few new faces and a few “old” faces in our programs

All of these new people have graduated from high school, and some have been waiting for years to find a place of belonging. They are now working at the Woodery or the Craft Studio, or participating in a literacy group or a drumming circle, or making soup or cookies at the Day Program, or dancing with the Spirit Movers, or doing sketch comedy with the Movers & Shakers. New people bring new energy and new life.

Our community is richer and more dynamic with their presence, and we are grateful.

Our dream today is to welcome more new people and to build partnerships with others to broaden the range of possibilities for employment, creativity, and full citizenship for people with intellectual disabilities. As always, it is the support of our friends like you that bring our dreams to a place of reality.

During this season, please consider a gift to continue providing work and day-time places of belonging for young people with intellectual disabilities. You can give your gift with a credit card on-line by visiting our DONATION PAGE or calling 905-884-3454 ext 233.

Many blessings to you and those dear to you from all of us at L’Arche Daybreak!

Carl MacMillan

Community Leader
December 2, 2014