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The Joys of Watering the Orchid

Helen watering the orchid flower

Just a brisk move of the flower, so strong and resistant to the cold – to the ice cubes which we need to put in the flowerpot every Tuesday. An elderly woman amazed by the shape and the look of the flower set in the middle of the table. Helen takes the ice cubes in her hands. Her eyes begin to change. You can see happiness that is true and pure.


Helen places ice cubes in the Orchid

She softly places the ice cubes around the flower, so gently as to not hurt the stem. Childlike awe in the eyes of an old woman struck only by a flower. She says, “Orchiid, Orchiiiiddd, I love you”, and you smile, play along, and laugh.


Helen enjoying a moment of delighjt

Laughter fills the room and is very contagious – nobody can resist it. You can feel this very moment – you can feel that this is the life that we’re living right now.


~ Alex Lushchak, Assistant at the Green House describing how he and Helen Schlichter, a core member at the Green House find joy in the routines of daily life.