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The Lost Bus Finds Daybreak

On a warm morning in early August, a bright blue bus pulled into Daybreak. The LOST Bus, Lending Our Services Travelling, is a creative initiative that began in 2011. It was founded by three friends who had a desire to discover every corner of North America and a passion for serving others. Since then, the LOST Bus has journeyed across North America with a different crew of three volunteers each year. Covering nearly 22,000 miles each year, the LOST Bus supports countless organizations, groups and individuals along the way. Adventure, simplicity and service are at the heart of the LOST Bus mission.


This year’s crew, Josh Haddad, Cain Compton and Davis Linscott, arrived with much enthusiasm and eagerness to lend a hand, but they were equally keen on knowing more about the people of our community. The LOST Bus has a mission of service, but like L’Arche, building relationships are central to its mission.


Inspired by reading some of Henri Nouwen’s books, Josh, Cain, and Davis chose Daybreak as one of their stops on their journey this year.


While here, Josh, Cain and Davis got to work doing a major pruning of shrubs and trees around our pond and boardwalk.


They also helped to do some much-needed repair work on the Barn’s flooring. No matter what the task, their energy and enthusiasm for service were inspiring.


As volunteers, Josh, Cain and Davis rely on the support and hospitality of others. While at Daybreak, they enjoyed a warm welcome from our community members and joined several of our homes for dinners. And they were just as excited to offer our community members tours of their bus. This travelling home had many interesting features and was outfitted with a table, kitchen, beds and sofas. In fact, several Core members announced they would like to live with Josh, Cain and Davis on the bus!


The Daybreak community hosted a lunch at the meeting hall for our LOST bus friends on their last day to say “Thank you.” We found a shared companionship on their short stop. We are grateful to Cain, Josh and Davis for their hard work and their inspiring mission of generosity and service. They often reflect on the ways that their mission brings them in touch with renewed hope and optimism in our world. Likewise, having the opportunity to meet them and know more about their mission inspires us and offers us hope. We are grateful the LOST Bus found us!


If you want to learn more about the LOST Bus, please visit their website, or Facebook page @thelostbus.