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The TV Remote – Reflections from a Summer Assistant

Eisha with the Craft Studio members
Each year, a number of university students choose to spend their summer at L'Arche. As the granddaughter of some of the founders of Daybreak, Eisha (in red) discovered the beauty of our community at the Craft Studio and Day Program.

You know that feeling when you can’t find the TV remote, but you know it’s around somewhere. You can always change the channel using the TV buttons, but without that remote you feel lost. While you search in the wedges of the couch cushions, you may come across a stinky sock, or popcorn from last week’s movie, but you may also come across your favourite hair tie and a five-dollar bill. Then, out of nowhere, where you least expected it to be, there’s the TV remote. For me, L’Arche Daybreak was like finding that TV remote.


My grandparents raised my mother and her four sisters in the Cedars, while my grandpa helped run the farm. Growing up, I would always hear amazing stories about my grandpa, a mentor I lost at a young age. These stories stemmed from Daybreak community members – John Smeltzer being his main advocate. This summer, working alongside such miraculous people, I found a connection to my grandpa again, and even better, I found myself. I finally felt his presence in my life again, and that’s because he’s there at Daybreak.


I can’t pin-point a single moment that stood out to me this summer because my time was filled with countless wonderful memories. I laughed – so hard that no sound came out and I received a hug – somehow exactly when I needed one. I appreciate all of the incredible moments everyone shared with me, the true raw emotions, and the everlasting presence. It takes vulnerability to let someone new walk the roads of your community, and I am forever grateful for your acceptance. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ve spent my life hunting in those cushions for that TV remote and thanks to all of you, I’ve found it. Thank you Daybreak.